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Why have we decided to launch this concept?

The continuing education in the art of dentistry, which is finally reflected in the quality of services offered to the patient,  is our main motivation. 


We developed our own course room, with the highest technologies, for the year 2015, being designed at the project level under the concept of minimally invasive, the new course room falling within the current ecological standards and being different by the implementation of the system of intelligent house we integrated for the maximum streamlining of clinical activity and course room.



This technological digitalization has the advantage that, by the push of a button, it helps us to focus only on the medical act and on the assimilation of medical knowledge during medical continuing education courses, in an environment as “friendly learning” and “user friendly” as possible, necessary within a “hands-on/live-surgery” or theoretical course/seminar/workshop. 


All is organized so as to allow us to, in addition to classical course presentations on the beamer, live-op and hands-on presentations be transmitted live in any location of Neoclinique and not only.


Moreover, we have a professional photo studio which we use both for the photos we take to our patients for medical purpose and for the smile analysis, as well as for professional courses organized on the same themes.


So as the courses take place within Neoclinique Pro, the technological efficiency used can be customized according to the type of the course offered, so that, finally, after a Neoclinique Pro experience, the most important thing, namely the new medical information received, reflect in the completion of your passion for smiles!


The top national and international Neoclinique Pro speakers are our guests, to transmit us in a short period of time and efficiently and relaxingly the information they collected with passion, by their work and research of years or tens of years.


The capacity of the course room is of 22 seats, it being ideal for courses, seminars, workshops, theoretical presentations or hands-on and live-surgery. 


Which is actually the vision?

Quality versus quantity

The future of dentistry is based on the rapid and visual awareness of the problems the patients have and on the fact that, from a medical point of view, dentistry is as important as any other medical specialty and a special attention must be paid, especially because very many cases we have in the clinic are total functional and esthetical restorations, that not only that they represent an investment for the patients, but they change their lives radically, because they solve many esthetical, medical, collateral and social problems for many of them.


It is about an open, transparent approach we encourage, offering the physicians and patients the possibility to work in team, the final treatment decision being made together, consciously- the medical team and the patient, the last one being the final beneficiary.